Mediation is a process where disputing parties meet with an impartial third party who will assist in coming to an agreed settlement.

The role of the Mediator is not to act as judge and jury nor is it to give legal advice, the Mediator is simply there to break down the barriers of communication between the parties, explore alternative solutions and to assist the parties in achieving the best outcome.

One of the most important aspects of the mediation process is that it is confidential and without prejudice.  This means that whatever is discussed within the mediation session is confidential and cannot be passed onto the other party without your specific consent.  This means that you are free to speak honestly and openly to the Mediator without the worry that your case is being harmed in any way.

Henry’s Solicitors employs fully qualified Mediators.  These Mediators are already practising solicitors and some have Higher Rights Advocate experience.   They are therefore fully aware of the complicated and sensitive nature of your case.  Henry’s Solicitors are successful at assisting individuals to settle their cases.

Should you wish to speak to us in relation to mediation, please not hesitate to contact us.