Criminal Law

Police Stations

Everyone has a right to have legal advice and representation during the course of an investigation at a Police Station.

Henry’s Solicitors Criminal Department fully understand and appreciate that the most difficult time for any individual is knowing that they are under criminal investigation. 

Henry’s Solicitors offers a wide variety of assistance for individuals at the Police Station.  Due to our large number of staff, we are able to cover Police Stations across the Country.  We understand the importance of dealing with the issues in a clear and concise way.  This can be crucial to the end result.  We always respond immediately to your needs and we will follow your instructions. 

We offer 24 hour – 7 days a week Legal Assistance to provide advice and representation to those under arrest or to those who are attending voluntarily.

Should the matter proceed beyond the Police Station, we have a large team of Magistrate Solicitors who are able to represent you.  Our Solicitors represent individuals in Magistrates’ Courts across the Country.  We know that the situation is nerve-racking and we appreciate the concerns and worries which you may have for yourself and also your family.  Our team always strive to obtain the best possible result and we always aim to be available should you need to speak to us.

Our representation is provided either under the Legal Aid Scheme, without cost to the individual concerned, or alternatively on a private fee paying basis. We operate this service nationwide and provide a telephone advice service, and following initial contact via this service, representatives of the firm will attend at the Police Station or the Prosecutions specified location.

Our team are highly trained and experienced and as we gain most of our clients from referrals from other clients our reputation is built upon a mutual trust that has been gained over many years.
It is extremely important whilst under investigation or prosecution, that you are confident in the solicitors that are instructed and that you consider those that act do so in your interests only.

Please contact us on 0161 477 8558 and ask for our Investigations Department.

Serious and High Value Crime

Henrys Solicitors have experience in dealing with serious crimes. 

We have acted for hundreds of clients who have faced investigation and have been subsequently charged in relation to murder and attempted murder.  In September 2011, we represented Vincent Cooke who was an individual who stabbed an intruder during an alleged burglary in Manchester.  Due to Henrys Solicitors relentless efforts we were successful in the Crown Prosecution Service agreeing that Mr Cooke would face no charges and it was ruled that he acted in reasonable self-defence.  This case was well documented within the Press nationwide and our solicitors were involved with television interviews and they also assisted in a nationwide documentary.  You can read more about this case in our blog, which contains an interview with Mr Kieran Henry on the BBC website. 

We deal with a wide variety of different cases including the following:-

  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Firearm Offences
  • Terrorism Offences
  • Sex Offences
  • Conspiracy
  • Robbery
  • Handling Stolen Goods
  • Deception

Henry’s Solicitors is unique in the fact that it has in-house Counsel.  This means that if you are charged with a serious offence you will get to meet the Barrister who will deal with your case at the initial consultation.  Due to the size of the firm and the experience of the solicitors and barristers, you can be confident that we have the wealth of experience which is needed to deal with you case.  Henry’s Solicitors enables you as a client to meet your barrister at an early stage.  The barrister will get to know your case and will be able to gather any additional information or evidence which is required.  This personal service is essential in getting the best result for you.

Proceeds of Crime

Henry’s Solicitors has a team experienced in dealing with proceeds of crime cases.  The lead lawyer in relation to these cases is Mr Kieran Henry himself.

Proceeds of crime cases involve confiscation orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).  Our reputation has grown due to the swift structured approach which our firm takes. We work very closely with Forensic Accountants who enable us to get the best possible results for our clients.

We deal with cases nationwide and have offices in various locations around the Country in order to deal with your queries and any issues which arise.  This gives us an advantage due to our nationwide coverage. 

The Proceeds of Crime Act extended the powers given to the Court in relation to the confiscation of assets.  It gave the Court the ability to make an assumption as to how assets had been obtained.  If an asset was said to have been gained as a result of criminal conduct, then it could lead potentially to the asset being confiscated.  The Confiscation Order can be made as to both some of the benefits of the criminal conduct or the available amount. If monies are not paid it can lead to a term of imprisonment.

It is normal that after a conviction the Prosecution Authority will seek a Confiscation Order.  Henry’s Solicitors are experienced and successful at challenging these Orders.  At times the odds can be stacked against you, but our experience and expertise is in getting monies returned or successfully winning cases.